Milady, Hast Thou Been to the Renaissance Faire?

The joust was a sight indeed! I feared for the rider, for ’twas not another knight’s lance that did unseat him, but ’twas his own steed — or maybe it was a mare. Clearly in no mood to be ridden, the steed bucketh in agitation before he tosseth the rider ass over tea kettle into the hard dirt. Young and strong, the knight retrieved his footing after a minute or so and gave chase. The equine bolted toward a closed gate with the ex-rider sans helmet in pursuit. Alas, His Lordship gave up, and the horse, looking perturbed and harried, trotted about the jousting field where he remained riderless for the remainder of the joust.

Was there anything that might interest a witch, Milady asks. There were journals with eye-catching covers, some with fantasy and Keltic emblems. Alas! The makers of the journals sought to give the pages an aged look, but the good lady knows if she wishes to give pages an aged look, she must stain the paper with wet Lipton tea bags and allow the sheets to dry until they possess that yellow and brown appearance.  Her Ladyship may embellish the pages with dried flowers or illustrations.

Yea, there were tarot “readers.”  Your humble servant did approach a vendor’s tent with all manners of tarot decks. I thought with this many decks, perhaps there is something to this shop keep. The shop keep bade me closer to a pole-looking structure that held even more decks. “It will speak to you.” Verily, I did feel the pull of magic and I bid thee this wisdom: when in the presence of witchery, thou will feel it.  I noseth around the tarot bags and came closer to the ladies behind the table. I felt nothing from the ladies, when one of the “readers” grinned at me. “We are just playing.” She said. Perhaps she thought I was Christian, getting ready to readeth her the riot act.

We ladies enjoy decorating ourselves, and lo, there were purveyors of gem jewelry — at no small purse. Believing I could adorn myself at a more reasonable fare, I passed on the amber earrings.  Besides, before attending the fair, I had decked my ears with amethyst earrings, and boasted a lovely beaded necklace I brought years ago.

Some faire-goers wore garlands, but I would wager the headdresses were crafted from plastic and ribbon. As a member of a local herb society, I have seen garlands and circlets created, and I can assureth thou garlands of true flowers cost more than fifteen dollars.

The costumes, nevertheless, were treats to gaze upon. I watched the royal procession and wished I could join in! Perhaps next year, I shall.

I look forward when witches put together their own faires. Witches tend to be a creative lot, and oh, I would love to see what fine talent they would bring on a summer day.


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