Let’s Meet On Another Plane

The story behind this “until we meet again” candle and flower setup lies on the Death Page. If you are versed in the language of herbs — some of which dry nicely — you can select plants associated with your specific intent. For example, you may wish to say “Good fortune on your journey” or “I love you” rather than “good-by.”   Some pagan authors have penned that lavender is an herb of love (but  yours truly considers sandalwood an irresistible treasure). If you wish to lay sprigs associated with your beloved’s sun sign, then an astrology book may help you.  Let’s say, the deceased’s sun sign is Aries. Consider including aromatic rosemary sprigs in your arrangement.

Vintage teacups (if your loved one enjoyed tea), beautifully designed brandy bottles  (if he or she didn’t mind a little shot from time to time), or a holder designed to support candles serve as centerpieces.  When you expect the holder to take part in a number of rites, then think about choosing sturdy design over fragile glass which may shatter at an unexpected drop. If you select glass, store it where it will be safe from curious hands.

Speaking of another plane, I had another bizarre dream. In this quasi-universe, I shopped for a few items in a nearly empty food co-op. Suddenly, it was either the last day on earth or Yule.  The store became packed with wall to wall shoppers, salivating, elbowing, and rolling over each other with shopping carts to get food items.

“Hey, get that cart off my back!” I yelled to someone who figured he or she would persuade me to pick up the pace if he or she rammed a cart up my ass.  The asshole’s action convinced me to nosedive into the fray, slobbering and cussing and tugging as everyone else did.

After being equally crazy as the rest of the shoppers, I chose a gooey slice of overly sweet pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream. Surprisingly, I had wandered into an incompletely built section of the store.  Bakers kneaded dough and stirred cake batter. The schedule had to be met, and no one had time to pay attention to the nutty lady licking her fingers. Compared to the main section of the grocers, this spot was paradise.

My interpretation? I’m on shaky grounds. After a hectic period passes, a goal will be within grasping distance.


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