I Liked Their Blogs So Much

that I’m gonna blog about them. You gotta take a stroll to Cassandra’s Book of Shadows site. Among the delights, the site shares a how-to on making potions, and what you may wish to include in your bos.   I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll include recipes on herbal cookies and edibles on her site.  If you plan to attend any public or not so public fete during the holidays, you may wish to have some goodies to pass around.

Also, I enjoyed my stroll at Earthfae’s thoughtful, heartfelt blog. Even my grinch-y butt was amused by the video in which the teacher learned the students’ names. After reading her review on Dune Messiah, I plan to re-read the book Dune. Everyone except me understood the Dune series.

In addition to learning about these wonderful blogs, I met my television garden heroine  this morning. She was walking on campus, and I thought OMG! That’s Shelley Ryan! While calling her name, I gave her a wide berth because I didn’t want her to scare her. We discussed the topics that she was interested in for her television show.  I told her I’d pass the information to the herbal society to which I belong. As it turns out, she knows our outgoing president of the society. Too cool!


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