Almost New Moon Dream

Shifting dreams filled last night’s slumber. In one dream sequence, I stood in a freaky pet shop filled with grotesque animals. The animals were the wrong color (i.e. the purple pastel bunny) or the wrong shape (in this case, a square dog).  Despite the deformities of the animals, an ambitious sales rep  was determined to sell one of the beasties. Although the purple bunny caught my eye (it initially had been a gigantic hamster or woodchuck before it morphed into the more pleasing shape of a rabbit), I complained the cuddly varmint was too large for my liking.

“How about this?” The clerk grinned and broke off a piece of glass shaped like a semicircle from an aquarium.  A moonstone-colored seahorse, complete with a blue shimmer, bobbed along the surface of the water in the crescent-shaped glass.  With about as much intelligence as you may expect from a seahorse, it looked around and seemed content to ride atop, rather than within, its watery home.

I shook my head. “No thanks, I’m only looking.”

Interpretation time: The menagerie represents an unsettling time. I could either choose a route or hang back and do nothing. We Aries sometimes take any route except the “hang back and do nothing” route — unless the “hang back and do nothing” route leads to jobs we suspect we will thoroughly detest.

The moonstone is connected to a gem I purchased last week. Moonstones are reputed to be associated with the unconscious and receptivity — two aspects that might lead us to appear a bit lunar-y to others. I plan to use the moonstone during any Samhain work.


One response to “Almost New Moon Dream

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    Blessed be,

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