I’ve Been Nominated!!!

Thank you,  Cassandra!

Thanks to my moon in Gemini, I’m a pretty gabby person (no offense to you other moon in Gemini-ers or folks who feel the influence of Mercury’s presence in their chart).  This means not only am I going to nominate ten sites, but also  I’m going to tell you why you may wish to pay a visit to such fine blogs (yes, as a matter of fact, we Aries have good taste, thank you for inquiring. Did I mention that we are modest? *blushes* Oh, well, now that  you ask, my birthday is March 21, which some may read as a Pisces-Aries. Since I’ve been calling myself an Aries for this long, though, why stop now?) On top of that, I’m going to answer questions about myself.

As you may guess, this post is going to be updated frequently. In other words,  I’ll add blogs and their links over the next week or so, give or take a few days.

Kicking off With:

1) Cassandra’s Book of Shadows. In an earlier post, I mentioned this informative blog where you can learn about such goodies as healing plants and spell casting.  Now I’ll mention that Cassandra has shared a bos video uploaded by Pir8forever. If you have never had the fortune of seeing a witch’s hardcopy bos, then click on the link for Book of Shadows A You Tube Video. The artwork is impressive, and the amount of work that went into the bos is mind boggling.  It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if we one day ran across Pir8forever’s name as an illustrator of a book in a Barnes and Noble.

2)  While this is a directory more than a blog, The Pagan Blog Directory is an excellent place to list your site or find a listing of other blogs. If you want to get the word out about your cyber party or read-a-thon, then check out this site. The amount of diverse blogs reminds us witchcraft and paganism are varied.

3) Every now and then, I visit to see what Lyn is up to. The Brit witch shares her travels through text and pics — I especially enjoy her travel posts when she pens about places with the reputation of being haunted.  In addition to the travel posts, Lyn offers recipes and spells. I hope she hosts another Real Witches of Halloween blog hop.  During my last visit to her site, I learned about Mawu, an African goddess. I plan to experiment with her advice in the article “Two Powerful Little Words to Banish Your Negative Self Talker.”

4) Anyone who can host a “Bewitching Home Blog Party,” put together a free, online magazine, and list 4 social organizations with pagans in mind deserves a bit of sunshine (award) in her magical bread basket.  I’d rank number 100 on the list of “50 top ten domestic witches,” but tour and spread magic dust around the hearth.

(At least, now I know it’s either my mouse or computer that prevents me from properly linking up sites. I suppose, since it’s a gratitude journal, I should be happy for that knowledge)


One response to “I’ve Been Nominated!!!

  1. Aww, you’re so sweet! Thanks again for recognizing me. 🙂

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