Starting off With Number Five

The previous post was getting a little long.  We’ll just pick up where we left off on my list of Sunshine Award nominees.

5) Ya know some blogs make me think “Damn. That woman has a novel in her.” Catch “Searching for the Roots of My Need” at and you’ll understand my point.  In my pre-hag days, my reading list consisted mainly of novels in which main characters bare knuckled their way through young adulthood, thanks to the roll of the financial dice — er, role of the financial dice. Hint: one of my favorite authors was Jim Carroll.  Camylleon’s description of growing up middle class in the suburbs caused my jaw to drop.  Yep. Ms Lilypads grew up on THAT side of the viaduct on Chicago’s southside — uncomfortably close to the legendary Bridgeport, the stomping ground of Richard J. Daley and his blue collar, billyclub swinging cops. Can you imagine they named a library after that guy? I can understand naming a slaughterhouse after that guy, but a library?  Anyway, these cops loved to kick ass. And the more ass they kicked, the better these guys felt.

After reading that bit of Chicagoism, you may guess I enjoy a bit of “po’ boy on the wrong side of the tracks” urban lit (which is quite different from the  slush that turns illiteracy into an art form). Camylleon’s fantasy writing tips fascinates me, nevertheless.  She gives insight into a genre from which I read 1 book — and I would have liked the book much better had Smaug lived to vanquish into oblivion all worlds known to elves, goblins, and whatever else lurked in British lore.

By the way, before you purchase the next books on pendulums, read her posts  on the divination tool. The posts can save you what may turn into $$.  I still kick myself for spending 15 bucks on a beaded pendulum when I could have used that money for scones and tea bread at an herbal fair. I’m going to borrow Camylleon’s idea, though. The next time I’m debating whether or not to spend money on some item that catches my eye  in a  “spiritual” book and gift shop, I’m going to hold the beaded pendulum over the item and ask, “Do I really want this, or do I want to spend money on some sugary cookies that’s going to lead to menstrual cramps like you wouldn’t believe.”

This is going to be a long post, too. I’m not done with yakking about the blogs  of the nominees! There are  still 5 more blogs to yak about!


One response to “Starting off With Number Five

  1. Oh. My. Goodness.
    I am officially blushing from ear-to-ear…from my hair line to my toes.

    Thank you. Thank you so very, very much. You’re…just amazingly sweet. I’m glad my aimless ramblings amuse…and even occasionally help.

    Btw, you don’t need a pendulum. ALWAYS buy the cookies. 😀

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