Please Pass Number 6

Before I continue with my list of ten nominees for the Sunshine Awards, let me express my deepest gratitude to the Universal Power, Creatrix, etc. that I remember what a nominee is.  After pecking at the same computer for seven years, I forgot how to turn off  the computer this morning. No shit. Having seen what Alzheimer’s can do to a person, I’d rather go by another means, if given a choice.  Even my Virgo husband, who would do Star Trek’s Mr. Spock proud, can no longer argue against episodes of my brain unplugged.  Being an earthbound Mr. Spock-type himself, he offered ways to hold off the inevitable — none of which appealed to me.  Laziness trumps fear in this case.

Lemme begin while I still remember why I’m sitting at the keyboard.

6) With its pictures, Jen’s Rue and Hyssop blog can be a visual treat. Some of her posts remind me of how dependent we are on on this planet. Like Earth, Jen has a very generous spirit. In one of her many giveaways, I won the deck Tarot of The Sweet Twilight. I keep the deck as a sacred gift on my work space’s shelf.

7) Social commentary/insight with my cup of tea — or caffe latte with sugar — makes  my morning all the more sweeter.  If I were feeling naughty — may I emphasize the ‘if’ — I’d say a dose of cafe au lait is good for whatever ails yah. ‘Course vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, or toffee ain’t too bad either, I suppose.

blog about it-- grab a ticket!

8) Speaking of visual treats! With autumn’s approach, I just knew there had to be going on(s) at Frosted Petunias.  Sure enough, the Le Mysterieux Carnival is on the horizon.  Find out about the cyber event at Yes, the time of Samhain can be busy if you plan to participate in a ritual or prepare a ritual/feast for your buds. The party is scheduled for October 6, which, hopefully, gives you time to roll up your sleeves and get with  the serious but loving business of Samhain (well, serious doesn’t have to be somber). As an mixed media fan, I encourage you to tour the mixed media paintings.  My favorite? The “I hope they have pudding” painting.

I cheated when it came to adding the last two nominees.  Wanting to nominate blogs which I hadn’t read,  I pulled a look-see on Camylleon’s posse list and came up with

9)  Go, Girl, Go! After reading the first paragraphs of “Where I stand on this Chick-Fil- A Thing,” I thought Damn, I’m happy to be an Aries. We Aries have a tendency to say I’m gonna be with whom I wanna be with,  I don’t care what color his ass may be. If the world doesn’t like it,  it can KMA.  KMA is American for “Kiss My Ass.” For elaboration, see listing number 7.  But then again, maybe that’s just me, and being an Aries has nothing to do with it.  Hats off for the thought provoking social observations.

10) Reading the most recent posts on Raggle Fraggle is like traveling through a wonderful, personal, pagan primer. Hey, Krimsyn won me over when she mentioned Oshun and neglected ancestors.  I almost wish I had joined The Pagan Blog project. Krimsyn writes as the type of pagan you’d love to invite over for tea cookies and Lipton, and exchange viewpoints on all things pagan.  Absolutely no offense, Dearest Krimsyn, but  your “Seek and Destroy” post for December 2o10 cracked me up to no end. Some posts are just funny when the writer is full tilt pissed.


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