The 10 Questions for the Sunshine Awards Nomination

In addition to nominating 10 blogs for the Sunshine Award, I get to answer 10 questions about ME, a subject of which I shall never tire.

1) Who is your favorite philosopher? If not for a professor who took pity on me, I would have flunked philosophy with flying colors.  To this day, I can not connect one quote with a philosopher. My favorite philosophy/outlook on life, though, is ” ‘Tis an ill wind that blows no one any good.” credit: unknown

2) What is your favorite number? 18. It feels good on your lips when you say it. Say it, now: eighteen. Oww, babeeee!

3) What is your favorite animal? Wild rabbits because we have them in our backyard. It’s to the point where last night I dreamed about a rabbit. Its ears were very long, and it was very fussy about what it would eat.  Now judging by the size of this rabbit, it had helped itself to a  good share of neighborhood gardens;  as a matter of fact, it had stuffed itself silly, which explained why I had a hard time convincing the rabbit to eat my offerings.

4) What are your Facebook and Twitter URLs? I don’t visit them enough to make them count.

5) What is your favorite time of day? Dawn. The blue is soft and gentle, so that it makes me think about lovers. Have you noticed some men tend to get amorous around dawn? A man may be too tired to keep his eyes open at bed time, but right around dawn, when the woman looks and smells like Hell, then the man is fired up and ready to go.

6) What was your favorite vacation? A very long time ago, I got lost in the French Quarter. These were in the days when there seemed to be a number of  wrought iron, black balconies and fences. If you looked close enough at the fences, you’d see intricate designs in the metalwork. I found out many years later, slaves had been the metalsmiths behind the balconies and fences, and the slaves incorporated symbols of their deities into the fences and balconies.  Without knowing it, a landowner would pay homage to an orisha.  I had been looking at veves embedded in these fences and balconies without my realizing it.  On this particular day, I had been traveling in circles.  No matter in which direction I turned, I landed on Royal Street.  It was early morning, warm, and misty. The mist was thick, so only the bottom of the balconies were visible.  That was an enchanting moment.

7) What is your favorite physical activity? Walking

8) What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Pack a glass with blueberries and strawberries, and fill it with water. On very hot days, substitute the berries with slices of lime, lemons, and grapefruit.

9) What is your favorite flower? In the yard, it’s peonies. That’s  one of the few flowers we have luck with. In a bouquet, however,  I like snapdargons and lilies.  Sunflowers make lovely bouquets, too.

10) What is your passion? Writing and working with watercolors.  Not that I’m any good with watercolors. I’m beginning to like mixed media. Some of the mixed media I’ve seen on other blogs have inspired me to experiment with it.  In the above pic, the broom is a gift from a witch, the pendulum was brought from a store last year, and I was debating whether to include some stickers in a Halloween giveaway.

And I’m off to drop a comment in the box of the noninees.


6 responses to “The 10 Questions for the Sunshine Awards Nomination

  1. Thank you for the nomination! This is the first blog award for my directory blog. I like that you don’t post the list. I never thought of doing “silent nominations” but I think it’s brilliant. I always worry that I am hurting someone’s feelings when other bloggers see that their name isn’t on my list.

  2. Wait? Was the list on other posts? Goodness I am such a ditz sometimes. I blame the Blue Moon for my spaciness. lol

    • Julie Doll, Your site was nominated under the post “I’ve been nominated.” I’ll drop a link to the post in your comment box. Your craft work with that blue moon jar is gorgeous, might I add

  3. Thank you for the nomination! I sure wish I would get lost in the French Quarter for a while. Some day I will! I am also mad about walking! Although it’s less about exercise than it is about watching the season pass as I wander beside the river.

    • Yes, it was fun — until it occurred to me that I ended up on Royal Street regardless of which direction I walked. I came out of that place only after I explained to this handsome man that I was lost, and I needed to get to Canal Street. After realizing that I wasn’t crazy or out to rob him, the man pointed and said, “You go that way.” If it wasn’t for that man, I would still be walking in circles to this day (I’m only slightly kidding. I have no sense of direction whatsoever). The man probably heard my accent and pegged me to be sincere. I did not realize I had an accent until people in New Orleans asked, “Where are you from?”

      I bet walking along the riverside is relaxing. I live near a lake, and when I have visitors in the summer or early fall, I take them for a walk along the lake. I haven’t heard any complaints, so that I think they enjoy the quiet walk.

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