Ding Dang Darn Black Candles and Tarot Readings

I’m impatiently awaiting my candle dye chips in the mail — which lets you know how the experiment with the black pigment went. If my heart wasn’t so set on crafting black soy candles, I might express a little shameful glee that Virgo males aren’t always right. Evil grin aside, somewhere on  the Internet I read red dye + blue dye + yellow dye = black dye.  Another content article stated it’s impossible to achieve black dye by mixing dyes.  If mixing dyes  fails,  then somebody can expect to win a blue or purple  solstice candle. My last hope will be the (cringe) black liquid dye.

So why don’t I just buy some black candles from Amazon and offer them in a Samhain giveaway? Surely it would save some trouble and spare you the opportunity of listening to my fretting. Well, I can’t just give any ol’ black candle to my witch sisters or my sisters-in-paganism. The candle must be crafted in the spirit of well-wishes and love. Isn’t Samhain a holiday of love? After all, you remember those that you love — even if they pissed you off to no end in this lifetime.  You hope they find inner peace and wisdom that eludes the living — even if they had angered you badly, so that you wanted to shake them hard enough for their false teeth to fly out of their mouths.  You want the trick o’ treaters to get lots of safe candy they like. Gawd! As a child, I despised the apples and black licorice that people tossed into my Halloween bag. The licorice was nasty as the hard candy old people gave you for Christmas.

In another project, I’m squeezing in tarot readings when I get a chance.  A few weeks back, I agreed to do a review for an acquaintance and place the review on Yelp.  Reviews from clients help publicize her tarot reading business.

In the spirit of integrity, I feel that reviewing a tarot business is a tricky affair. Divination relies on interpretation. Can you really say, “Look where that Devil card landed. That devil card isn’t saying once the querent frees herself from that chocolate addiction, the world will open for her. That Devil card says her obsession with chocolate will lead her to open a confectionery shop which will become famous throughout the region.” In my opinion, the tarot is a mirror that reflects what’s going on inside the reader’s head. Time tells whether or not the reader’s intuition  was on the mark (which means my review will probably be a two part(er).

Bearing that in mind, I decided I will compare  my readings with the reading of the acquaintance. Because we will use different decks, each reading will not duplicate the other.  I do expect the influences suggested by the cards to be similar.  If the interpretations are different, time will reveal whose intuition was sharper.

The pic shows the spread I pulled a week ago. The High Priestess is inverted in the past position. Whoops. Any wisdom gained through intuition flew out the window there.  The present position shows the Ace of Pentacles, which suggests new projects that are rooted in comfort or materialism. That’s easy enough to figure. The hours at the workplace are winding down, and it’s time to put out the buzz that I want a job that is a perfect fit for me. There are plenty of shitty jobs out there, but passion is the sugar in  Aries’ tea.  The future shows the Fool card. Typical Aries, what? This card suggests I’ll feel strongly about the project, convincing me to leap before I fully think things through.  Fly by the seat of your gut reaction, if you will.  That snake in the card surely symbolizes JH.  The snake/JH says, “Look out, goddamnit.” True to the Virgo nature, the man can size up a situation in seconds and give you 4 different outcomes based on the road  you take.  If anyone needs a grand vizier Marvel comic book style, he or she should place an ad “Wanted: adviser and seer with great planning skills. Experience with leading crusades highly desired. Virgo males strongly encouraged to apply. Benefits: Great pay, with ample opportunity to organize and boss others about.”


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