I Just Eat Up That Witch’s Work!

Ladies, you have to dig Tenae’s new ebook Mabon! I think a number of us are reblogging her post on the ebook. Her work and talent are just plain electrifying. Now you know why I nominated her for a Sunshine Award.

The Witch of Howling Creek

I am very, very excited to present The Witches’ Compendium, my new free e-book series! The first volume focuses on Mabon and I plan to release one for each Sabbat over the course of the next year. There is some brand new, never-before-published content and much of it is in a “blog-to-book” format with quite a bit of the content coming from the blog plus I included a few things I wrote for Pagan Living. Just click on the cover image below to go directly to the book!

The book is divided into the following sections (and each of the subsequent volumes will follow the same format):

Hearth & Home – home decor ideas and housekeeping
Magick & Witchcraft – correspondences, rituals and spells
Honor & Celebrate – activities and crafts
Fete & Feast – party plans, menus and recipes

There are loads of general Sabbat books out…

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2 responses to “I Just Eat Up That Witch’s Work!

  1. Thanks so much for the reblog- it is much appreciated!

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