A Virgo Moon

Feeling optimistic — which is saying something, considering I’ve discovered my handcrafted, black  candles are purple in the sunlight or at least, that’s the color the candles reflect — I had to check the moon sign for today. According to an emphemeris found on the Internet, the moon occupies Virgo. In my experience of dealing with Virgo males, Virgos are analytical — until you piss them off.  At that point, they become hypercritical.  Virgos love to organize and plan. Perhaps people are in a good mood because circumstances are falling into place as they have planned — that is to say, no surprise has come along and kicked over their apple carts.

ON THE OTHER HAND, today is not the day to fuck with sun sign Virgo with your half-baked plans. Virgo is  more than willing to kick holes in your dreams, and very happily will tell you why you are wasting his time.


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