A Tarot Reading

Well met, my hardy bucks and buckettes! Tis time to dust off the scrying mirrors and throw the tarot. Craft the candles, and write in the grimoires, you who work in the unseen and seen worlds.

Do you remember I posted recently that I was reading a spread for myself in anticipation of visiting a professional tarot reader? What reader isn’t tempted to compare her interpretation with the interpretation of another? In this case, not only did she and I use different decks, but also we used different lay-outs, and I had different matters on my mind.

Mari’s reading and my interpretation gelled, none the less. A question about   instinct surfaced in both readings. Because I wrote about my reading in a previous post (and yes, the matter of new beginnings did materialize, but I’ll talk about that in a future post), I’ll narrow this post to Mari’s reading.

According to Mari, 6 of Wands reflected the root cause of the situation in which I now find myself. Creativity, will, and passion ruled the day. In the revealed position, the water warrior insinuated I needed to embrace and then release my misgivings. Once I learned to trust myself, I had a greater chance of becoming more perceptive of my surroundings, as worthy of the Queen of Cups. The Devil brought up the rear in the Spirit Guide position. It seems if I found myself in a corner, then my mind fashioned the corner. My judgement fashioned the hammer and nails for the shackles.  The card immediately reminded me of The Fool, the last card I pulled when I performed a self-reading. Thanks to his pre-occupation with himself, The Fool blunders into lucky and unlucky situations. Lucky for us Fools, there are always spirit guides (or do you call say “gut instinct”?) to warn us sometimes, there  is more to a situation than meets the eye.


3 responses to “A Tarot Reading

  1. I’ve long identified with the fool, seeing as I can either be stupid lucky or ridiculously unlucky.

    • In my case, I have been ridiculously lucky — depending on how you look at it. The Fool is one of my favorite cards. The first deck of tarot cards I’ve ever seen was owned by a teacher (which shows you how long ago that was. I doubt if any teacher would dare bring a pack of tarot cards to school nowadays). She pulled out the card and told me this card represented my personality — impulsive and spontaneous with a tendency to not think about the consequences of my actions.

      • exactly, and then sometimes have this uncanny way of working out. I picture myself as Inspector Gadget sometimes, (a bit of a bumbling idiot with a whip-smart niece who always manages to solve the problems behind the scenes while concurrently making Inspector Gadget think he’s done it himself). It’s like someone, something is watching out for me, limiting the impact of my mistakes and opening the doors of good fortune. All I can do is show gratitude =)

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