O’ My Witches

Yeah! Lyn’s The Real Witches of Halloween Blog Tour is here, and I’m celebrating with a Samhain giveaway — so, my witches in the  US,  Canada, and the UK, hollar at me if you wanna drop your name in the cauldron for one of my hand crafted, black soy candles (yeah, I finally figured out the ratio of dyes) and a teabag bath sachet that I stuffed with lavender and rose petals, and sprinkled with ylang ylang essential oil (or frankincense essential oil, if I run out of ylang ylang).  I didn’t snap a pic of the cotton, drawstring teabag sachet because by the time the winner would get the pre-made herbal bag, the smell of the herbs and essential oil would have faded.

Now let’s set the whatcha gotta do(s) to enter da giveaway:

1) Drop a comment in da box

2) Hopefully ya gotta blog or a website where I can contact yah. If you want to leave your addy, then spell it out, for example witch at gee mail dot com. If you do not spell out your addy, then web crawlers may hit your inbox with   spam — and that’s an appropriate name for it, considering my dislike of spam. Yech!

This giveaway closes on midnight (when else?) Oct 10th CT, and I’ll leave a message on the blog of the winner on Thursday, Oct 11.  Of course, if I do not hear from the winner by Oct.17, then I’ll have to go down the list and choose another winner, and so on and so forth.

By the by, when I crafted the candle, I wasn’t thinking about banishing evil  spells.  To me, black is the color of strength and sensuality. Here’s to the warmth of your merry making in this most witchin’ season.


6 responses to “O’ My Witches

  1. Hi! I wandered in from Lyns’ blog. Nice strong black in your candle 🙂 jonquilsgrdn(at)gmail(dot)com

    • Thank you, Jonquil. I had to use 3 different dyes — red, black, and yellow in order to get the vivid black color. The thing is, you have to juggle the ratio of the colors in order to get black.

  2. What a wonderful giveaway! I always need candles, so please drop my name in the cauldron!

    Ws280d@gmail dot com

    Thank you for this giveaway : )

  3. Oo I do like the look of your candle but more than that, I love the idea of a Gratitude Journal … (thanks Lyn for pointing me in this direction). my email is sadists dot magick at y a h o o dot com

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