First thing first: Wendy, if you see this, will you please email me at amethystlilypads1 at gee mail dot com by Oct 17?

Secondly,  I love candlelight baths. And because I’m an Aries, it makes  sense that I think others like them as well.

So let’s get this party kickin’!

First Prize:  Jonquil gets a hand crafted (poured by me, thank you) black, soy candle, a bath sachet with dried rose petals and buds, and lavender flowers. She also gets  rosewater jasmine shea butter soap by Greenwich Bay Trading Co, and Kiss My Face grapefruit and bergamont hand creme.

Wait! Do I dare say another prize is being pulled from the cauldron? Why, yes! Second Prize: Sadists_magick gets a hand crafted, black soy candle (again poured by me), cucumber olive oil shea butter soap by Greenwich Bay Trading Company, and Kiss My Face peppermint oil foot creme.

Ladies, I’ll have your witch goody bags in the mail in the morning! A huge wish of love and prosperity to Lyn of the Real Witches of Halloween 2012 for allowing me to be apart of her wonderful blog tour.


4 responses to “Prize-o-ween!

  1. Got my gifties…yea! Thank you so much 🙂

  2. Yay … my parcel arrived this morning. It’s a sensory delight. Thank you so much

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