A Bewitching Home Altar

I bid thee welcome to my post for The Bewitching Home Blog Party. I’m posting a bit early because I have an herb society meeting on Saturday morning and a Wicca class during the afternoon of the same day. May I add, I’m resigned to flunking the test scheduled for the class. A test in a witchcraft class! Given the subjective nature of witchcraft, whoever heard of such a thing?

Indignation aside, let’s talk altars dedicated to sensuality in the bathroom.  When I first read about bathroom altars, I thought why on Earth would anyone put an altar in a room where people use the toilet?

Roughly two months ago, however, I found my workplace cluttered with items which I had collected or which had been given as gifts.  Unable to bring myself to toss them in the bin, I decided to move them to a place where they could be seen without clogging the scenery.

Hmmm. That upstairs bathroom could use a bit of dressing up. I can cover that old table with a purple towel and place some crystals on the table. I mused.

After a candle holder and some crystals later, the table was transformed into a space of beauty. It resembled an altar that exuded sensuality. I noticed the change in my hubby’s behavior.  Prior to the “altar” being erected, Hubby clearly preferred the downstairs toilet and would use the upstairs water closet only when he entertained company upstairs. Now the old clawfoot bathtub became a choice area for lovemaking. The energy emitted by the altar fed upon itself although it was  not the fiery carnality associated with carnelian. The energy carried the patient, peaceful undertone of amethyst (which is the darker stone in the picture).

You do not need tarot cards or depictions of naked goddesses to decorate your altar of sexuality —  unless those items strike your fancy. An old wine bottle, a few candles, a hand crafted candle poured by me, and a few crystals set the mood in this picture. The side of the old clawfoot tub is visible in the shot. I needed something to symbolize love when constructing the altar. The “soap holder” is actually a dish given to me by a beloved friend.


13 responses to “A Bewitching Home Altar

  1. Your bathroom altar looks gorgeous! 🙂
    Blessed be.

  2. Thanks for participating! If you could drop a link to this post here at the main party post ( that would be great!

  3. love it! I have altars all over but not in the bathroom. Now I might have too 🙂

  4. I agree bathrooms are a great place for altars. I also feel my bathroom was sacred and magical! Nice post!

  5. What a great idea for a placement for an altar. I put lots of sea shells in my bathroom perhaps to entice Aphrodite?

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