Ballin’ Post Number 2

Even without free candy, this has been a cool to the gazillionth power Hallow’s Eve season.

First point: I hope that you’ve stopped by Lyn’s Real Witches of Halloween celebration. Folks offered ghost stories, hosted giveaways, and shared other wonderful goodies. I shared my true ghost story — and a few typos within. If you’ve never attended a Halloween cyber party, then give it a try before the celebration ends. It’s a way to participate in the fun and pick up a craft or two.

Second point: I finally finished — or JH has finished — my  black mirror.  Rather than buying framed glass, removing and spray painting the glass, and returning the glass to its frame, we worked in a different direction. Many years ago, JH had found a rickety, old frame in a trash bin. The thing was so old, it still had the rusty nails used to hold a picture in place.  JH took out the old nails and used new ones to hammer the frame into its original sturdiness. We used sandpaper to scrub away the dirty, gold paint.  The frame revealed itself to be a lovely work of maple and some other wood whose name I can’t remember. Knowing that I would use the mirror for thought work (or matters of the mind, if you will), JH ordered rather thick glass to fit the frame. Once the spray painting was complete (oh,  the adventures I had there. Let’s say, people on You Tube make spray painting look as though it will go off without a hitch), the glass mounted into  the frame, and hooks replaced old nails, JH  gifted me with a large, somewhat heavy scrying mirror.  Due to the weight of the mirror and the fact that walls in this house are over a century old, the mirror has to be mounted in a special way. After it dawned on me that I would have to lift the mirror from the wall every time I wanted to use it,  I decided for the time being, I would keep the mirror underneath the bed and cover it with cloth to keep away the dust . Of course, at a later and more ambitious date, I’ll have to sew the cloth.

Third point: Yesterday I made my first and probably only corn husk doll. Although I had heard of and seen pictures of said dolls in books, I had never made  one and had no wish to do so. Yesterday, however, my son and I had accompanied my husband on a business trip to a children’s museum in Rockford. While Hubby sat in a meeting, my son and I wandered around the museum. After an hour or so, we were bored out of our fucking minds. I saw a handwritten sign that said “corn husk doll making,” and yep, I asked for directions to that activity. Unlike the five to seven-year-olds there, I had a Hell of a time following the directions and producing anything that resembled a doll. Thank you, wet corn husks that weakened the thin raffia ties. Refusing to be outdone by corn husks, once I arrived home, I decided to Hell with following directions, I was going to visualize how to make the doll.  I ended up with an object that my son and hubby were able to identify as a doll — although the thing looks more like a poppet than something that  would interest a doll lover. Be that as it may, I have a nice little token of autumn — and once I figure out how to glue the thing into my sketch book, a nice addition to an artsy book of shadows.

Final point:  After the candy corn has been demolished and the stuffin o’ pumpkin cookies or muffins into the belly has been completed, some of you will roll up your sleeves and get to the business of manipulating energy and exercising intent. Who wouldn’t want to ride the currents, so to speak? I hope that your work is done in the spirit of love, and the love that you put out there will return to you.


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