Why I Believe in Witches

because when an otherwise pleasant day turns…well, let’s say not as pleasant as it could be,  (and I’m being tongue in cheek about this), there’s always witchy people who come along and do something that pleases you to no end.

In this case, I’m sending a “Honey, you suddenly made me remember just how splendid this day is” thank you to Cassandra of Book of Shadows and Ayslyn of Ayslyn’s Corner. These lovely writers  have created Witchy Blog Award, and if you receive the award, you pass on the goodness to five bloggers. Of course, this means I have to scratch my head and hmmm because there are so many fine blogs out there. There are 7 questions to answer as well, a process that is like honey to a big ham such as myself.

Now tomorrow I shall answer the questions. I’m off to scry on this magical night.


2 responses to “Why I Believe in Witches

  1. Cograts on your award! And I hope you had a wonderful Samhain.

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