7 Witchy Answers

If you’re familiar with The Witchy Blog Awards, then you know that you’re invited to answer seven questions about  yourself. It’s wonderful to find out that you’ve something in common with a sister-in-witchery.  Cassandra’s response to a question brought back memories of a blue-eyed cat that was totally grey in color — I, however, didn’t exactly want the cat. The rascal made it a hobby to trot across the street and chase me every time it saw me.  For some odd reason, the feline would end its furry pursuit once I reached my porch or turned the street corner.  After I reached safe territory, I could look back and see the bag of ears and paws trot back to his side of the street.  Once I made up my mind to befriend the cat, he gave up the hobby and preferred to sit on his side of the street — and I thought it wiser to stay on mine.   Since then, I’ve developed a fondness for cats, although I do not own one — or rather, a cat does not own me.

1. How did you “discover” Wicca/Witchcraft? In high school, I was a book worm and ran across “Witchcraft Today” by Gerald Gardener in the school’s library.  Given the population of thugs and thug-ettes in that school, I thought it was very unusual to have a book like that in school. I thought ‘Oh cool — I can find out what this stuff is really about.’ I knew Bewitched wasn’t being exactly truthful about witchcraft. Not that Gardener was the alpha and omega on the topic of witchcraft.

2. Do you grow herbs? Yes, but the growing season is pretty short — from May to late September.  Right now I have a potted rosemary plant.

3. Are you in the “broom closet”? If not, share your “going out” experience. When I was a teen, I came out and faced so much ridicule — and this was from family members — that I went back in. Now I do not mean to be offensive, but these were the same people who believed a virgin, a woman who had never come in contact with a man’s semen,  could give birth to a child.  So after that, I knew I had to be damn careful about letting people know about my interest in witchcraft. I came out to a few people in the military — the next thing I knew, the rumor reached my ears that I was worshiping Satan. I would think that if you’re in the military and you’re ready to do whatever it takes to make sure you aren’t on the nasty side of war’s aftermath, you aren’t going to be worried about Hell, or whether or not you are going to Hell.  After that, I just figured I’ll be careful with whom I share my beliefs.

4. What tradition do you follow? I consider myself eclectic. I feel that a person can learn and borrow from any tradition.

5. Do you consider yourself a witch, Wiccan, or Pagan (or maybe something else?) I would identify as witch because if I told you I were pagan, then you might think I was a druid or heathen or anything but what I was.  When I hear Wiccan, I think of a path that is very rich in ritual, and I’m about as non-ritual loving as you can get — unless that ritual has worked for me on a previous basis.

6.  How much witchcraft/Wicca are you able to incorporate into your everyday life? Right now, I’m reading “Hedgewitch” by Silver Ravenwolf. She has this thing in which you say “Always a blessing”because you’re trying to have a firm, positive belief when you’re casting spells.  You want a positive outlook on life. I’ve been trying to stay in that mindset everyday, and it’s working to a point.  Now, when I’m thinking about someone, I may start out with “I know that bastard is trying to screw that person’s career. I hope that fucker gets from the Universe exactly what he puts into it” but then I’ll catch myself and say, “Always a blessing.”

7. Do you have a familiar? If you do, tell us how did you meet your familiar, and how does he or she take part in your practice? No, I don’t have a familiar.

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