Uber Good

Before I launch into my picks for The Witchy Blog Award, allow me to say this has been a helluva season for blessings and good fortune.

First case in point: I scored “Everyday Magic” in Rue’s giveaway.  Rue is an incredibly generous lady, and I look forward to seeing the outdoor pics  she posts on Rue and Hyssop. The pix reminds me of the earth and air elements, which may be because I’ve become aware of the energy emitted by crystals. Also, I’ve been hitting matters of the mind pretty heavily.

Second case in point: At Saturday’s herb fair, I strongly suspected I was called out by another witch. This wasn’t the confrontational calling out made famous by men who had kicking ass on their minds. This came in the gentle form of “Oh, you look like a spring goddess with those herbs in your hair.” A spring goddess? Maybe a winter hag. Anyway, sensing the implication of such a comment, I wasn’t ready to come out and play. I nudged her companion and said, “You can take a lesson from her when it comes to doling out the compliments.” At first, Companion looked at me as if I had a loose screw and then broke out with, “I saw it in you the first time I saw you.” Right about this time, I had mixed feelings about the route the conversation was taking. On one hand, I was delighted to meet other witches. On the other hand, herb fair or no, we sat in Christian country.  Not to be thrown off the scent, the first lady said, “And you’re wearing amber earrings.”  I responded with, “I like the way amber looks. It’s a fire element, and it’s a stone — or resin — of protection.” The first lady nodded. “It’s a stone of protection.” Now that matters had been settled about what I was, I treated the ladies to herbal cookies.

Third case: A bud might teach a witchcraft class in the future. I had complained the Wicca class I attended would end in December. The class had been excellent as an intro, but it didn’t go into the psychology behind spellcasting or divination. I thought a class that went into depth about either subject would be fun.  She seemed open to the idea, and I wasn’t adverse to adding that it might be cool if each student worked on crafting his or her  witchcraft-related tool such as a doll or scrying mirror. Hell, yes, I plan to  cheat and bring an object  that I had crafted before the class takes place.

Onward, The Witchy Blog Awards:

1) Rue and Hyssop — See above.

2) Lyn’s witch -blog.  How Lyn organizes and pulls together the month-long The Real Witches of Halloween is beyond me. I think of it as a cyber lollapalooza, with visitors contributing ghost stories, giveaways, recipes and other Halloween-related fun.  I haven’t joined Soul Tribe, but I wouldn’t be surprised if ST receives strong praise.

3) Asylyn’s Corner  I’m waiting to hear how one might use pressed leaves on homemade notecards. Impatience aside, I admire the bravery shown by writers who share the up(s) and  not so up(s) of their lives as well as pass along knowledge  associated with their paths.  Check out Moon Phases under the Broom Closet tab if you’ve lunar magic on your mind. In addition to sharing info regarding which moon phase is associated with which spell, Asylyn graciously lists dates and their corresponding moon phases.

Okay, now I’m gleaning from the blogrolls of others. Guilty as charged.

4) Pagan Pair Usually, I’m lukewarm about reviews. One reviewer’s candy corn and peanuts is another reviewer’s black licorice, so to speak — although there are people who relish black licorice *blech*  The Library was a fun read — and it probably would have been even more fun if I knew where to get my hands on a copy of Spirit and Destiny Magazine. But that’s why the Goddess created the Internet, I suppose.  Herbalists may wish to click on Apothecary link on this site’s home page. I plan to visit Tearoom and get Rowans’ take on tea reading in the near future.  Overall, a delightful blog that makes me want to tell the blogger, “Do come over for tea.”

5) A bad witch’s blog How do those UK-ers handle all that coolness? What lucky cats they are, to have such pagan and witch  events awaiting their attendance! Hats off to the lovely mind that decided to post such a lengthy calender of events. Unfortunately, I won’t be zipping across the Atlantic any time soon, but understanding how others sink their teeth into their paths warms the ol’ ticker. I may, however, learn spells and find out what diaries, books, and tarot decks are on the market.   Of course, Badwitch shares what makes blogs unique — personal notes on what makes her witchy life so magically wonderful.


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