Yes, I Know This is the Season of Gratitude

but merry Ellegua mas!

A bud of mine seemed to get into Ellegua, and I figured I’d make an Ellegua candle for her. Nevermind the fact that I had no idea how an Ellegua candle looked.  Knowing that he was associated with red and black, I erred on the side of safety and double poured in the aforementioned colors. My first pour wasn’t instinctual — rather it was easier and faster to pour a primary color than melt three primary colors in proper ratio to achieve black.  Topping off  the present, I added a jar of rose and lavender potpourri bought from the herb fair. Let’s say the jar of dried herbs was met with a lot less enthusiasm than the interest sparked by the candle.

An idea popped into my mind, nevertheless.  Why didn’t witches hold swaps? Can you imagine standing in a community center — or a pal’s living room — and bargaining, “okay, you can have this pendulum made from recycled jewelry if you surrender that hand crafted candle.” or “Oh, do you really like my amethyst pendant? Well, I had these crystals just laying around, and I decided to take them to a rock shop and have  them glued on bails.  Of course, you can my amethyst pendant — providing you bake a Yule cheesecake decorated with a triquestra for me.  Please pack it in a wooden box decorated with holly leaves.” Because witches tend to  be generous and talented, I expect some excellent trades would be held. Me? I’d go for a journal decorated with dried herbs, calligraphy, and moon phases in zodiac signs.


4 responses to “Yes, I Know This is the Season of Gratitude

  1. Love that idea! I think you just spawned a great blog gifting-game. 🙂

    • I can’t remember the blog, but one blogger organized a pass it along type of gifting — bloggers submitted their names to her blog, and she compiled a list of those who wanted to join the gifting party. She then emailed the list to everyone (on the party list), and the list showed who was suppose to send whom a gift. The gift would be a surprise — you didn’t know what you would get.

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