3 Random Thoughts on a Not Nearly Enough Pentacles Tuesday

which is odd because Tuesday is suppose to be my power day — being born on March 21 as I am. When I was a child, I recognized that things seemed to fall into place on Tuesdays, but I hadn’t yet bumped into the witchcraft. After bullies made their way into my world, Tuesdays didn’t seem as lucky.   At any rate, because it is Tuesday, I should have scored an interview with the best -est, most perfect -est job on the planet by now. Some people say  that no job is perfect, but because I’m an Aries and today is Tuesday, I say fie on not believing that such a job exists (hey, isn’t the moon suppose to move into Pisces today?)

I began work on a second art journal/bos.  Folks shared some lovely books of shadows on blogs, and  the more artsy the books, the more I wanted to try and create one. The bos crafted  by Laurie Cabot in that old video inspired me to no end, although I couldn’t figure out how anyone could write on a page that had a crystal glued on the other side of said page. Surely the surface couldn’t lay flat, which meant the surface had to be the devil to write  upon. Secretly, I’m hoping to organize an art show next year, in which witches barter hand crafted items. If I’m lucky, I’ll exchange the bos  for a cool item, the likes of which I have never seen.  An owner of a community space spoke of holding an arts and craft show some time ago. Alas, she never got around to it.

Next week, I’m scheduled to visit a wire wrap artist and discuss the possibility of her wrapping one or two of my crystals. At one point, I kicked around the idea of studying runes. Following the Internet lead of folks who were into runes, I first painted symbols on rocks and then moved on to painting the symbols on crystals. Once I realized how much time and commitment understanding runes required, I shelved the idea for another day. A fair amount of stones sat on my work space.  Luckily, I had been too lazy to paint lacquer on the things.  Cleaning them for future pendants required scrub pads and a moonlight bath. Back to the point, though. If the wrapper reveals she must drill holes into the crystals, then the idea gets a punt through the window. My poor stones! In his scientific mind, my chemist husband suggested that drilling will cause stress fractures within the crystals. When I hear “stress fractures,” I think of “easier to break when dropped on a hard surface.”


4 responses to “3 Random Thoughts on a Not Nearly Enough Pentacles Tuesday

  1. oh where did you see the video of Lauri Cabot’s BOS? my current dream is that when we find our most pefect-est best-est house there will be a space for me to have my art/ journal/ witchy things out where I can always work on my Book.

  2. Good luck with your BoS! 🙂 Could you please share the link of the video of Laurie Cabot’s Book of Shadows? Thanks.
    Blessed be.

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