Good Tidings of Lunar-cy

Recently I browsed among lunar calenders at a food co-op. The ONE spell that seemed to work was the spell I launched when the new moon and sun occupied Virgo (which happened to fall on my hubby’s birthday. JH happens to be a Virgo sun with a Virgo moon, and allow me to say, my spouse was in hyper analytical form that day!) The spell convinced me to look at the timing of witchery works, which explained why I stood pulling out calenders and  and examining depictions  of 2013 astrological months through shrinkwrap packaging.

Luck didn’t grin that day. If I liked the calender, then I didn’t like the artwork. If I loved the artwork or photography, then the pages didn’t reflect which zodiac signs the moon phases occupied. Fortunately, the Internet provided another alternative — and I had the time, desire, and stinginess to copy the astrological info on a computer print out of 2013’s months.

In a stroke of equally beneficial luck, I blundered across Selena Fox’s podcast of Episode 14 Moon Magic In the podcast, she discussed moon phases, spells that might be performed during those phases, and ways to connect with the moon. I was familiar with phases and associations, but the info regarding void of course and eclipses was news to me — and when you’re working on an artsy journal/bos and you’re including stuff about your successful and impressively unsuccessful spells, then you might as well include all the moon-ey lore you have learned — giving credit where credit is due, of course.

The site offered multiple podcasts. I especially enjoyed the home blessings with herbs episode. Since listening to that,  I’m considering whipping up a home blessing potpourri for a Yule project, depending on the availability of fragrant dried herbs. The other project consists of stringing and tying together a pine bough for the porch. I attempted the feat for the first time last year  — well, at least until JH mercifully took over the task. If last year’s bough was any indication, then I would say hang a pine bough of some sort near the entrance of your home and see if good fortune stops in for a visit.


2 responses to “Good Tidings of Lunar-cy

  1. According to my birth chart, I was born when the Moon and the Sun were in Vigro. Do you know what that means? I would also want to thank you for sharing the link to; I found a lot of useful information there.
    Blessed be.

    • First, my pleasure.

      Secondly, I’m not an expert in astrology, BUT depending on where other celestial bodies lie, as a Virgo sun/Virgo moon, you have a huge potential to have an eye for detail — if a plan stinks, you can tell your buds why it stinks and what they can do to un-stink-i-fy it. Virgos like to have plan A, plan B, and plan C on hand — and more plans, in case something goes wrong. Thanks to the talent of picking out details, you have the potential to be an excellent judge of character — so if your buds ever ask, “How did you know that guy would turn out to be a jerk?”, then you may chalk it up to a Virgo sun and Virgo moon.

      But of course, this is only my opinion.

      Did I mention that I seem to run into Virgos? My dad was a Virgo, my husband is a Virgo, my child was damn near born a Virgo (if not for a C-section, he would have been born on the Leo-Virgo Cusp), and three of my bosses were Virgos — and all of them expressed fear that I was going to do something that would get me into trouble — as if I was going to stumble out of a window and break my neck due to carelessness. Except for my son — but he seems to worry about me as well. Erf! What’s an Aries to do?!

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