Full Moon Wishes

Money, Money

Come real soon

Come and Stay

By the Blessing of the Moon*

Or, if you feel uncomfortable with being the recipient of a money spell, then I’ll send this wish to you.

Prosperity, Prosperity

Fly to the witch

Bring her joy

Without a hitch*

*And nobody gets screwed in the process.

I never claimed to be a poet, and yeah, I know spells of attractions may be launched during a new moon (which today’s moon ain’t). If I’m reading the moon phase calender on Zodiac Arts correctly, the full moon occupies Gemini. Because I’m a Gemini Moon, I expect ideas to be exchanged, communication to be swift, and flexibility to charge the air. Good news is on the way for somebody,  damnit!

Since we’re on the subject of moons, I’m sharing a page of my bos, which is a work in progress.  The owner of the bos (I’m considering the swap idea) should chart the dates of the new moon and full moon. She should also record the zodiac signs in which the moons are found.  Oh, and the frog sticker? Some months back, I bought a pack of stickers with the intention of offering the pack in a giveaway. As you have guessed, the stickers found themselves on my binder or in pages of my bos.

Oh, and the page with the new moon and the candle?

My version of a divider for the section of spellcasting.

In case you are curious, the bos is an art journal with pages designed for the medium of watercolor.  Insanely enough, I stumbled across a bookstore that held a sale in which everything was 25% off. Had I prior knowledge of such sale, I would have walked away with more than a 7 buck-watercolor journal.  The artwork was rendered with watercolor and dry pastels (that is, not the oil pastels). If you’re going to work in pencil, then a drawing pad for pencil or charcoal works well. The heavier the medium, the stronger the paper has to be.    The more layering you plan, the greater the tooth or texture of the paper you want. Right about now I’m kicking myself for  abandoning my love for art many years ago.

If good fortune comes your way, let me know. No, I won’t take credit for it because your hard work and the beauty of your personality set things in motion. I do, however, love it when people are zapped with strokes of good fortune. It makes me less grouchy.


4 responses to “Full Moon Wishes

  1. Love it! I’ll opt for the prosperity, that’s fairly all-encompassing… Happy Full Moon!

  2. Your BOS moon page looks beautiful! I wish I was artistic enough to start one. I think my it would help my practice to blossom. I hope you let us know the results of your prosperity spell.

    • Thank You, Wendy. You’re probably more artistic than you think you are — if you don’t like to draw or paint, what about recording yourself reciting poetry or composing music on tape? You might read a passage from your favorite author and tell why that appeals to you. Think of it as an audio journal (because I think of a bos as a journal in which you can pass on what you have learned, or a record that allows you to remember things). On the other hand, if you wouldn’t mind getting your toes wet in terms of drawing and painting, then what about stopping in your local art store, wandering along the isle that has a medium you would like to try, and just poking around with the medium for a while? Some art stores have scratch pads and the store managers allow you to sample the pastels or art pencils before you purchase. IMO, when it comes to art, getting down what you feel, expressing how you feel is the most important thing.

      I hope the prosperity spells goes out to everyone — and everyone gets some good news in some manner or another. If my prosperity spell works out, I’m gonna find a way to pass along the good fortune.

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