4 Witchin’ Winter Solstice Projects

Night doth bringeth its own magic, doth it not?

And if you’re preparing to hunker down because  the night’s chill is becoming stronger, then ya might as well hunker with a bit of creativity.

1) Compile your most successful spells into an e-book and email the e-book of shadows to your buds.  The emphasis is on the “your.” You created or shaped the spells,  so that you know them inside out and upside down. If your bud comes with the complaint that a spell didn’t work, then you may sit down with her and go over what might have gone wrong (i.e. “Oh, when you said you wanted your next boyfriend to have mega junk in his package, the Universe read this as  you wanted him to work in a junk yard.”) If you’re good at crafting tools such as runes or candles, ya might as well throw in some how- to (s).

Hopefully, you’re more computer savvy than I am. Hoping to create a mini-e-book and emailing it as a winter solstice giveaway to whoever wanted it, I’ve been working  on a bos-type workbook. Unfortunately, in terms of software, I’m in the Stone Age, trying to peck out things on Microsoft Word and Adobe Pro 8. The thing probably won’t be near ready until Samhain 2013 — this after my watching a fair amount of tutorials on YouTube. On my Yule wish list, I should write a “Creating an e-book for absolute bone heads” book.

2) Create  a hardware (rather than an electronic) version bos — Yes, as a matter of fact, I do have bos on the  brain. Visualize a beautiful grimoire (minus the summoning of non-human creatures unless you get into that sort of path), and bring it to life. The pay-off is that you don’t just have a lovely piece of work. The book works like a mirror to reflect the periods when you are at  your creative best and how you resolve obstacles (You’ll probably run into one hindrance or another when bringing your vision of beauty on this plane). In a nutshell, the book becomes an extension of you — which may explain why, in creepy urban legends, an enraged lover steals a witch’s bos and uses the book as a mean to wreck havoc in the poor woman’s life.

Of course, if you’re planning to give away the book as a gift, you may provide enough space in which the recipient writes her own spells (see, I learned something from that Laurie Cabot video).

3) Hoof it on an occult bookstore crawl. Remember when you were poor college kids, and none of you could afford a major haul? You each bought a book and then swapped books after you read the purchased merchandise?

Let’s hope that nowadays you can afford some nice hauls. On these brrr nights, bundle up, hoof or ride to 2 or 3 occult book shops, pick up a few books, and compare booty over hot chocolate laced with cinnamon and vanilla (I like mine a bit on the bitter side). It’s a good excuse to get together over warm beverages and apple cake.

4) Put together a spell kit for your bud. I’m bound to piss off someone with the next comments. IMO, your energy and intent provide the “go” for spells. You do not need a candle or another tool to kick the spell into gear.

That being said, after hearing about spell kits sold on the Internet, I looked up said kits to find out what they were. My question becomes why would anyone purchase a kit — and I should hope that all kits do not contain the exact same ingredients — when she could make up her own kit?

On the other hand, spell kit baskets can be darling to gaze upon, depending on the artistic flair of the creator. If your best bud wants to find a love spell kit basket on her doorstep, then the kit may as well be crafted by you ‘cuz you want nothing but the best for her. May I offer suggestions for your love spell kit?

A) There’s a difference between a love spell and a love spell with a specific target in mind. If that target has any interest  in your buddy, he’ll signal his desire without any attempts to bend him to your will. Don’t make things harder than they need to be.

B) Love powders or love creams are easy to whip up. To me, the fragrance of coarsely  ground herbs lasts longer than the aroma of finely ground powders. Grind up herbs and mix them with cornstarch. Bump up the scent with essential oils. One of my favorite powders consists or rose buds/petals and lavender flowers bumped with rose absolute and rose geranium oils. Consisting of oil (such as almond oil), water, binder (a substance used to bind water and oil together), and essential oils, crafting a love cream is as simple as finding the right ratio between oil, binder, and water The hardest part will be finding out which scent your pal prefers.

C) Whip up a small packet of herbal love tea — if she likes tea.  So what’s her favorite flavor of tea anyway? Drop one or two culinary, organic rose petals into your beverages, do your incantation thing, and sip away some time together. Before you whip up any tea brews, you must be familiar with any side effects or toxicity associated with the herbs. There is no excuse for careless behavior.

D) Ya wanna candle (?) which you don’t need unless your pal believes you can’t do a spell without a candle. If that’s the case, then candle it out, luv.  You’ll have to find out which color she associates with love. For me, spellwork of most types requires black candles, for I associate the color with stamina, strength, and success.

E) How about a visual representation of love? Why do some of our hearts go thump patty pat thump when we see paintings of a half-naked, unearthly handsome knight, viking, or clan chieftain locked in a kiss with his love (or did you think those covers of old romance novels happen to look like that for no good reason?) Have you noticed that the guy is strapping and ripped or looks battle ready despite the embrace? Choosing a depiction of love can be tricky unless you know which visual cues resonates with your  friend.

F) Whew.  And now, if you’re not into crystals, then what I’m about to say will sound as though I’ve been helping myself to the wassail pot before Yule lands. Take yon friend to a rock shop or a place where crystals can be found,  and allow her to choose a stone associated with good vibes. Cleanse and charge the crystal in whichever way either of you sees fit, and include the stone  in the love spell kit. Of course, if she’s sensitive to the crystal’s energy, then she may wish to wear the stone as a pendant, in which case, she may not need a basket after all.

On that note, until we meet, Witch it up, luv.


4 responses to “4 Witchin’ Winter Solstice Projects

  1. What a lovely and creative tips for Yule gifts! 🙂

  2. I love this post and hopefully will get a glimpse into your BOS some day. Wonderful ideas!

    • Thank you, Wendy. It would be so cool if folks would put together their mini e-books of shadows and then email them out around Samhain or Winter Solstice. People might end up with 5 or 6 different mini books. No books would be the same because everyone’s experience would be different.

      I’m still working on my mini e-book and hard version (I’m experimenting with dried flowers to put into the hard bos). The hard bos is easier because it’s mostly artwork and designed for the recipient to fill in her experiences. The e-book is turning out to be harder because I’m learning new things from a class I attend, which means I’m gaining more experience.

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