5 Reasons

I’m not knocking anyone’s holiday.  I’m stating why I prefer Winter Solstice.

1) When Winter Solstice closes in, no one threatens, “You had better be good, or  Santa Claus won’t bring you any toys.”  It’s okay to shout, cry, or pout, and let others know why.

2) At Winter Solstice, you don’t feel guilty if you don’t buy that special asshole a gift. You can say, “Because of the state budget cuts, we’re strapped” without that s.a’s reply of,”It’s not the cost of the gift. It’s the buying and giving of gifts.” And I’m not making up these quotes.


3) Consumer/capitalism isn’t emphasized (see number 2 above for reference).  If you want to buy a gift, then it is a sincere want. Appreciating Nature’s gifts take the stage.

4) Plenty of people are fully aware of why they hang wreaths and boughs. I wonder how many Christians, who declare witches are devil worshipers, would hang wreathes and boughs if they knew the pagan roots behind their  hanging wreaths in the winter. While we are on the subject of boughs, I’ve found that hanging boughs near the entrance of your house brings good fortune and sends good vibes around the house.  Also, the boughs have a nice aroma.

5)  Santa’s elves aren’t the only ones who make toys in magickal surroundings. Well, maybe, it would be more accurate if I said I intend to  use my toy in association with magick. Since my Wiccan class touched on the topic of trees, I’ve been inspired to shave, sandpaper, and stain a sturdy oak branch into a staff. I spent this morning trimming off the outer bark.  Let’s hope this project turns out better than my house blessing potpourri project (which ended when the rose petals began to grow mold).


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