The Results of the Prosperity Spell?

Either the pine boughs are working full tilt, or a boomerang result from the prosperity spell I wished on all of you is in effect…but then again, maybe this is the cosmic payback from handing a homeless man a five spot a month or so again. Who knows? All I know is that this has been a grand Winter Solstice/Yule season (a blessed Kwanzaa, by the way).

Why am I kicking up my heels?

1)Hubby worked his ass off to recreate  my favorite part of “Christmas,”  and he added a bit of magick to the mix  (typical Virgo sun Virgo moon.  Show me a double Virgo, and I’ll show you the cream who doesn’t stop until s/he rises to the top). Despite wet, cold temperatures and moist pine needles that took great pleasure in stabbing naked fingers,  JH weaved and wired together the boughs, so that I could hang them from the upper deck. Also, he brought home a tall, heavy oak branch that had been  cut by workmen (?) Now I know there is some advice not to cut a branch from a tree when you wish to transform the branch into a staff, but if you happen to come across a branch that happens to be lying there….At any rate, this makes two staffs, an e-book of shadows, and an artsy book of shadows that should be finished sometime next year.

2) Who said deceased loved ones — even those with whom you shared a pissed off relationship — visit around Samhain? In my experience, the dead pick their own time in their own way to visit. This special visit came on the night of Winter Solstice. Now, before I go on, lemme say yeah, I know that in class we were instructed to whip up holy water at midnight during the full moon. I had no intention of staying up  until midnight, dragging my ass outside or even to a drafty window, and trying to read the consecration prayer in dim light. Besides, the magick comes from the witch, does it not? The “how ya been?” came after I did my thing with the holy water while dawn was breaking on the Solstice (and hell, yeah, it was cold out there. Upstairs on the deck, JH shoveled the snow from the major snow storm, and the snow kept spraying me in the face. My version of the ceremony went pretty quickly). Why am I convinced this was a greeting from the deceased? After visits from four different but no less dead folk, I kinda see a pattern.

3) Isn’t it nice to learn sometimes Life holds you to your words even when you don’t want to be held to your complaints? I had ragged merchants placed too much emphasis on consumers’ spending —  but then, if you’re a merchant, what else are you going to emphasize? Walking home from  the grocery store, I stopped and gawked at some one of a kind fairies in a store’s window.  For a number of reasons, I’m not a fan of fairies, but these things, made from cloth and some sort of clay, were gorgeous — the exact type of things you’d want to send next year to a Texas buddy. Prepared to pay a pretty penny for the clay and cloth, I walked into the store and inquired about the artist behind the fairies.  The sales rep disappeared behind a corner and then returned with  the news that the things had been around for a long time, so that no one knew where they came from. When I asked about purchasing said fairies, the rep responded she doubted store personnel would want to part with the “treasures.”

Now I regarded the owner of the store as an unbelievably greedy bastard who sold junk at average prices but jacked up the price on anything with any value. It was hard to believe that the ancient fuck, smelling a deal, would let sentimentality get in the way of cashing in on opportunity. I also knew, however, the owner’s son now managed the store, and there was a chance the doll-like figures came from Europe in one of his parent’s suitcases. Unlike his daddy, he might have had the integrity to turn down a deal from which he stood to make a profit. Not pressing matters, I thanked the rep while noting she had not volunteered to return behind the corner and actually find out whether or not the manager was willing to part with the ornaments. Another clerk spoke up and said I should be able to find those type of fairies on the Internet– some of his friends made them, after all. When I asked the names of his friends, he said he didn’t know.  Clearly I’m behind the curve on this one. I thought people knew the names of their friends.

Leaving the store, I was only slightly disappointed — very slightly, in fact. The idea that money couldn’t buy everything cheered me. The idea that I had been spared an impulse buy (and who was to say my pal didn’t see fairies in the same light as I saw them?) didn’t displease me. either.

4) Isn’t it nice to learn something? Recently, I learned ATC stood for artist trading card. Artists/art lovers paint, draw, or do collages on the cards, and then trade or sell them. Would I love to see witches interpret the Tarot on trading cards. Can you imagine collecting cards from 72 different witches? What a unique deck that would be!


2 responses to “The Results of the Prosperity Spell?

  1. sounds like a lot of happiness all around 🙂

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