Lessons of Today

VLUU L210  / Samsung L210As you may know, I’m in my art period. I’m also in my “two weeks away from my  job picking up again” period. May I comment that watercolors, paper, and brushes never seem expensive until you’re eyeballing the calender, counting down the days until you return to work (which begins to look pretty good when you’re drooling over a seventy dollar-watercolor pencil set).

That tidbit of wisdom aside, I learned a lesson today. Never throw out your great-grandmother’s costume jewelry or bottle caps.  I stood in what I thought was an art supply store when in reality I stood in an artist’s consignment shop. Some of the paintings were gorgeous which convinced me somewhere there is a truly under-rated artist who needs a rich patron saint to bankroll his or her genius. Some artwork was eye-catching — as in artwork fashioned under Plexi-glass in what looked like brass bottle caps. Some pieces I never would have though of — in this case recycled journals or journals whose covers were made from old, faded  LP covers and old book covers. Other works inspired me in a lopsided pottery sort of way.  The second lesson was about rubber stamping, a hobby that never caught my attention until *gasp* I saw the wide assortment of beautiful stamps.I asked the manager could stamps be used in a watercolor project. She pointed out watercolor paper’s texture tended to have a noticeable grain. Stamping worked better on smoother surface. Being an Aries, I must needs investigate this play between ink stamping and watercolors.

The lesson that caught me off guard was that an art journal isn’t the type of thing you’d find in an artist’s consignment shop. Working on my witch’s art journal, I was curious to see the  work of others who were into art journals and asked the shop’s owner did she have any such journals for my viewing pleasure. She responded that bearing in mind art journals were expected to command a pretty penny, she would not stock them. People might pay that sort of price in an art gallery but not in a  consignment shop. Given the fact that her store stood about 3 blocks from the city’s capitol, her response surprised me. Aw damn. Finding people to swap witchy, artsy  bos promises to be more difficult than I thought.

Fie on the fates aside, I had been working on a watercolor of a seahorse to include in my artsy bos. The picture was unfinished at the time the pic was snapped. Since taking the picture, though, I’ve put in a splash of blue for the  background and a  reminder to include the date of the spell’s outcome when one charts her spell.


4 responses to “Lessons of Today

  1. Ooh – I like the seahorse (unfinished or not!) I am forever kicking myself for letting my mother get rid of some of my grandmother’s costume jewelry. I have a few pieces, but not nearly the stash she used to have.

  2. I love your seahorse too!

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