Life Seemed so Simple

If you’re wondering what the Hell is that suppose to be, I’ll get to that on my Arts Scene page.

So there you are with a craving to buy more watercolors. Yeah, red, blue, or yellow, or a combination of two or three primary colors will take you anywhere you want to go.  Gut reaction, however, says there is something  deeply satisfying and charming about picking up  a new, pristine 7ml tube of color until buying 4 shades of yellow and 3 shades of red makes sense.  Before you point out the difference between Naples yellow and pale yellow, allow me to me say that I am aware of shades or tints of yellow. Not all of them, of course — only the types that I have.  But for all I know, maybe some famous and extremely dead artist, done in by  his cadmium hues, used  a trillion kinds of yellow in a highly sought after painting.

Back to the  point.

Just when screwing around with paints and pencils seems so charming and satisfying, the teacher in your Wiccan class brings up the topic of conscious  spending. In a nutshell, conscious spending is being aware of where you blow your purse and who profits from the blown purse. The profits from the art supply shop may support a candidate whose agenda conflicts with your views. Now, instead of looking for what seems like the best deal, you have to learn who is behind the best deals. Ow!

Is life ever as simple as it should be?


One response to “Life Seemed so Simple

  1. so true. you vote with your wallet. we are lucky to have a really nice and not to expensive local art supply store. in other news I did it! I made us a button For masterpiece Monday!

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