Masterpiece Monday

masterpiece-monday-blog-hopWhew! I’m a little tired after ragging about an art store’s failure to carry a hot press 140lb pad. The store rep must have been something of an artist — or critic — himself. He — not me this time —  said the selection of art supplies left a lot to be desired.  He went on to point out the hype was better than the actual goods. I like an honest clerk — and I also like an artsy blog hop, which explains why, though tired I may be,  I’m too excited not to blog about Masterpiece Monday.  

Being an Aries, I’m going to assume that you’re like me — and you can’t resist flinging that creative juice around from time to time. You don’t mind a little peek at what others are creating. Heck, I’ve been inspired by many a peek, in fact. I warmly welcome you to join me, and  head over to Book of Shadows and Blessings blog, sign up,  and admire and be inspired by the  work produced by fellow creative minds.   Oh, and you can copy this gorgeous badge, made by  poppyunderhill, on to your wonderful blog.


2 responses to “Masterpiece Monday

  1. 🙂 the background of the badge is one of Little’s Masterpieces 🙂

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