Today I Had Intended to Post on Masterpiece Monday


earlier I cheered when Mr.  President reminded us that our work as Americans isn’t over — not while some Americans are deprived the right of marriage based on sexual orientation. Not while the top of the economic pyramid calls the shots for the rest of us on the pyramid. When Barak Obama spoke, I caught a glimpse of what we could be. ..and then came the reporter   who just had to find an African-American family to get its viewpoint on things.  What did the media want to hear? Because we have a biracial president, this moment erased every time we kept our mouths shut when we witnessed someone being harassed because of their spirituality, age,  gender, fill in the blank? Are we suppose to clap ourselves on the back and say, “Look how far we have come” when tomorrow we’ll sneer, “Well, if you’re barely making it financially, maybe it’s because you’re a rotten planner. Maybe you can pray your way out of debt.” The reporter clung to the phrase “Civil rights” instead of “American rights”– which, if you’re old enough to remember Gil Scott Heron, explains why the revolution will not be…

On the note of gratitude, I was pleased when, during the inauguration ceremony, a holy man  uttered part of his prayer in a non-English language. I wasn’t pleased by what he said because I couldn’t understand what  he said. I was pleased to note that if we want to be, as unique as we are, we can be as one.


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