Dear Other Woman

Thank you. When the chips were down, you found my husband too ugly to ball. Of course, had you put out, you could have continued to collect gifts from him.

Of course, I was surprised by his attraction for you. I thought if my husband would go after another woman, then that woman would be smart, good-looking as Hell, have a fuckin’ awesome career, and have MONEY — you know, a charismatic upgrade. After all, when you spin the wheel of fortune, you go after an upgrade, not a downgrade. If you’re going to take a shot at it, make sure that shot is worth it. To think that he took a shot at you says something about his taste in women — which doesn’t say a lot about me, does it?

When my husband found out I was going to blog about this, he was ready to bust an artery.  He said if I intended to blog about it, make sure I write about how I drove him into the arms of another woman, how I will force him to go to the next woman. My guess is that  he’ll go from cunt to cunt (but not this cunt. I have enough drama in my life without contracting the clap or some other sexually transmitted disease  from my husband) until he craps out. So for all you bitches out there who will take a married man for all he is worth, you’d better make sure you have a good clap doctor waiting in the wings.

Oh yeah, and you being the other woman (at least, you would have been had the look of my husband not made your stomach turn somersaults), I owe it to you to pass on what my husband told me during an argument. He said, and I quote, “Pussy is pussy.”

My Deepest Respect,



2 responses to “Dear Other Woman

  1. wow! hugs to you my dear.

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