February’s Thank You

An uber thank you to Aisha of By the Broomstick for her educational and inspiring post on nursing pioneer Mary Seacole, a woman whose desire to help soldiers would not be undermined by hate (hmmm. File this under “Things that school textbooks do not  teach you about Florence Nightingale”). I had never heard of Mary Seacole, but after reading Aisha’s post, I wanted to sink my teeth into the autobiography — and thankfully, Aisha shares how we may read a digital copy of the autobiography for free.

Also, I am grateful for Project Gutenberg’s masterful job of compiling a treasure of literary wealth. Of course you can’t confine anyone’s history to a month. You may watch a billion news reels and sit on hundreds of porches while listening to the tales by grandmothers, and still you have a mere tip of history’s depth. The Gutenberg site provides an excellent launchpad for learning about history, nevertheless.


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