It’s Never as Easy as It Looks

You mixed media artists make creating collages look way easier than it is, goddamnit. I haven’t gotten past the cut out the cardstock cat, paste it on a watercolor wash, and draw in ink hearts part.

Muttering “how do some of these artists  do it?” aside, I’ll get on with my post.  Last year or so, I became enchanted with the idea of creating an artsy bos. I’d include tidbits of what I learned about spellcasting plus my attempts at watercolor painting. Did I hear a  guffaw of “Two dodgy endeavors at best”? Yes, white space for writing would  be included.

Ack! It didn’t come down to “The best laid plans of mice and men…” It came down to learning cold press watercolor paper isn’t the best surface for recording thoughts unless the writer uses watercolor or ink brush.  Also came the realization that what I had in mind required watercolor paper  along with pen and ink paper, which meant that I would have to learn how to bind the bos  — bind as in coptic needle and thread, not the sew, glue, and  tape method.  I am as inexperienced as one can possibly get when it comes to binding. The least amount of work, the less daunting the task in my case. Coloring stamped art and using washi tape for borders appeal to me more than watercoloring every three pages does. I’m still learning how to control how much water to put on the brush — although a little buckling doesn’t bother me.

What I’ve learned about spellcasting doesn’t require several pages. In a nutshell, if you have enough stamina and an unending desire to bring certain situation into your life,  you will bring what you are looking for into your life. Of course, what comes with the situation may be the tricky part.

We’ll see whether or not Autumn brings a humble bos — and baby, I mean HUMBLE  —  as a giveaway.  Don’t expect anything fancy now. Remember I’m new at this, and the bos may be  hideous, so that  I can’t stand to mail it out.


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