Thank You, Quinn and Mary Beth

A very excited and hearty thank you to Quinn of QuinnCreative and Mary Beth Shaw, author of “Flavors for Mixed Media.” I was the very pleased winner who scored “Flavors for Mixed Media” in Quinn’s giveaway.  Author of “Raw Art Journaling” and teacher, Quinn offers tips on art, shares poetry, and lets you know what’s out there for artists — and, if you’re like me, people who love art — on her website.

“Flavor for Mixed Media” features artists’ works, ideas on colors, textures, and layering, a how-to on items such as a  clayboard book and a candle shade,  and other gems for artistic minds. This book expanded my awareness of what mixed media means — and to me, it means if you can visualize it, you can “make it so”  (I love that phrase by Jean Luc Picard). Best of all, you may be able to make it so with the tools you have in your art supply chest. I think of this as a springboard book  — in other words, the book gives you ideas, and you walk around, chewing on those ideas for a few days. After a while, your sense of creativity springs from those ideas — and then you take a deep breath and stick your toes into your version of an artsy ocean.

Of course it’s going to take months for me to work up the courage to try some of the projects — many of which would make lovely journal covers. Yes, as a matter of fact, I do remain undaunted by my last try at stitching together a journal. I plan to start with the collage painting because that looks like an easy project — although sometimes what looks easy requires years of practice to nail down. Collages, nevertheless,  do make nice journal covers, don’t they? Getting back on track, the projects in the book whisper, “Make me your own.” In another show of creativity, Mary Beth Shaw includes food recipes in her book — which means you can follow the recipes and make yourself a tasty dish when you’re  hungry from burning up those brain cells and paintbrushes.


2 responses to “Thank You, Quinn and Mary Beth

  1. Let us know which one you decide to do and share! There are so many cool projects in Mary Beth’s book!

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