Time May Heal Wounds

But it has a way of making people ignorant as Hell of history. On less, of course, the “entertainer” knew full well of the grisly, horrifying details of the teen first mutilated and then murdered case. If the rapper knew the horrendous details, then I would guess the guy would desensitize a generation to extreme violence if he thought it would sell one more record. The kids who buy that shit  probably aren’t thinking that it could have been or one day may be their asses taken at gunpoint and then tortured in a barn. It’s naive to think those type of monsters  and their henchman don’t walk among us today.

I would almost understand if you ask how can I come down on a song I’ve never heard. After all, I’ve read one line of the song.  Not completely understanding, I would ask why would I want to listen to a song in which not only is the brutality against a murder victim mocked, but also a woman’s sexual organs shares the same fate as a murder victim? To me, two adult, consenting guys kissing, fondling each other, and gently undressing each other isn’t pornography. Using cruelty  in hopes of increasing the  chance for a profit is.

I heard that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it (which may explain why union busting had been rather trendy a few months back). More likely, those who know history, if given an opportunity, will condemn those who don’t know about history to repeat it.


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