Gratitude No. 53 (not that I’m counting)

Since this is a gratitude blog, we may as well get to the gratitudin’  (rhymes with attitude-ing, a word that signals you don’t mind twisting the English language, so that people will wonder what the Hell were you doing while you sat in English class).

Right about now, I’m grateful for four things:

1.  community case workers for teens. If you’ve amassed a collection of oil paints AND you know damn well you aren’t going to use those paints BUT you don’t like the idea of throwing away the paints, then a community case worker may take them off your hands. Some teens may gain old but gently used tubes of Grumbacher, Sennelier, and Winsor and Newton oils, and you can pat yourself on the back for finding a way to get rid of the paints without tossing them into the bin. Of course, there’s still that can of linseed oil to throw away, damnit.

2. art stores within walking and Internet distance. Out with the oil paints and in with the watercolors and soft pastels.

3 a job. Watercolors and soft pastels can get expensive. Those of us who can’t walk past a display of open stock discover coupons, clearance bins, and “buy this and get that for free” have their place.

4. Beltane (and yes, I know I’m early).  Hurray, hurray/The first of May…because I’m in a PG-rated frame of mind, I won’t finish the last lines, but think “There was a man from Nantucket,” and you’ll get the picture. Like subject matter of other witchy holidays, the ideas associated with Beltane loan themselves to drawings, paintings, and jewelry-making. To me, it makes sense to celebrate Beltane much as we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. Hell, if you don’t mind mud splashing in places that it ordinarily wouldn’t go, on Beltane you can pin flowers in your hair, offer your lover sweets, and  sweetly convince him into going outside for a lil’ bareback frolicking. Getting a man’s britches down in a February snowstorm on Valentine’s Day may take some craftiness indeed.


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