In Time for Beltane

During a shopping trip for what may be more doomed terrarium plants, I stared at a “fairy terrarium.” The thing looked like a container garden with miniature, plastic furniture thrown in. I would have thought that fairies preferred furniture made from a tree or shrub of some sort, but I’m no expert on the little buggers. Perhaps had the container held crystals or minerals associated with houseplants, I would have thought, “oh, that must be a witch’s terrarium.”

Bearing in mind Beltane is on the horizon, creating or swapping a witch’s terrarium — which is a terrarium with your mark of witchiness thrown in — may be a way to celebrate if there are no maypoles within dancing distance. While putting your touch on things, please remember:

1) Incorporating symbols such as pentagrams or figurines of cats may be a fun thought — as long as you are sure that those symbols contain no elements which are harmful to the plants. I’ve never seen pagan decals for the outside of your terrarium, but who knows?

2) Keeping a terrarium in your working space may remind you of earth spirits during your spellcasting — providing your working space match the light and temperature requirements of the plants within the terrarium. As a soul who has done in her share of plants. I can say there is something unsettling about the sight of half-dead plants.

3) More energy goes into putting together a terrarium and keeping an eye on the health of your greenery than energy required for buying a glass container with plants — although you can argue, if you purchase a ready made, plant filled jar for 80 or so bucks, x amount of work hours/energy went into earning that 80 or so bucks. In the long run, you may learn that you can assemble 2 terrariums for the price of that huge, glorious, fish bowl-shaped  terrarium that greets you at the retail greenhouse — which means you’ll have an gift when you forget someone’s birthday or when you can’t think of a Yule gift.

If Martha Stewart doesn’t totally piss you off, I’ve tried to provide a link to her tutorial


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