A Book Of Triggers

During blog hopping through art blogs and witchcraft blogs, you’re bound to find cracking ideas — and the tutorials to show how to pull off those good ideas. After watching the art site Jennibellie’s Studio, I had to try my hand at cereal box journals — or in this case, a computer box journal with a witchy twist.

If you’ve watched Jennibellie’s tutorials, then you’ll understand that a cereal box, glue, scissors, art paper, needle, and thread go a long way — although I think Jenny relies on her own talent to pull off those beautiful covers. And now for the work in progress:

IMGP5661 For this unfinished journal (notice, it still needs bound pages), I used decorative paper purchased from an art shop. The postcard came from the utterly generous Rue of Rue and Hyssop.  Rue gives away lovely  gifts on her blog, and as you see, I  treasure the communication I have received from her. I cut the word “Magick” from the cover of a Witches and Pagans magazine. Though far from finished, this journal, made from a computer hardware box rather than a cereal box,  is shaping into a Book of Triggers. What is a Book of Triggers? Well, think of a Book of Shadows — now imagine that book holds mostly triggers designed to help you in spellcraft. If I’m not being clear on the definition of a trigger, then imagine you wish to  launch a lust spell on a guy who can’t seem to make up his mind (and we may as well call it as we see it). Take a deep whiff of his shirt to imprint his presence in your mind. Of course, if you have a shirt heavily scented with his natural body odor, then I’d say you’re already moving toward the finish line at an admirable clip. The scent of his shirt acts as a trigger. Of course, because you are nice, you wouldn’t dream of casting a spell on that handsome, strapping  guy, no matter how badly he seems to need that tiny little push.

Because this Book of Triggers is made with positive energy, it is designed to be used for positive magick. If the spells you’ve tried over the years don’t seem to work, then it may be time to create your own Book of Triggers.


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