Quick and Dirty BookMark

Don’t you love Internet art journal page swap groups? You’re bound to run into a new idea or tool that knocks you out.

During a recent swap, I received an envelope decorated with lovely washi tape.  I was loathed to toss the envelope until I could make good use out of that tape. In an earlier swap, a delightful page decorated with chipboard letters arrived in the snail mailbox. I had never heard of chipboard letters but wanted to do 1 piece  of art that incorporated chipboard letters.

Washi tape plus a box of chipboard letters equaled a quick and easy bookmark in this case.  The bookmark, by the way, turned out to be a helluva lot easier to make than the cereal box journal, which looks like Hell right about now. Sheer determination compels me to plug away at the eyesore.  Back to the mark. When you want a quick and dirty bookmark such as the one shown in the pic, try the following:

1) Rip a page from a magazine and glue the ripped paper around cardboard that you have cut in a shape of a rectangle — or square or circle, depending on your fancy. For the Pisces folk and other art goddesses in the audience, you’ll probably be much happier painting planets or intricate designs on the cardboard. Better yet,  paint or do collage art on watercolor paper and then glue that paper on the cardboard.

2) Add decorative tape for a little snap to your bookmark. There is no point  in covering up a gorgeous design that you’ve drawn or painted, however. Skip this step using tape if the deities of creativity have smiled on you.

3) If you’ve decided to use stickers on your bookmark (being far too lazy to draw such a butterfly, I opted for a sticker on my mark), then decide where the sticker will go before you glue on the chipboard letters. Of course, if your art is 100% original, then you probably won’t use the chipboard letters or stickers.

Bookmarks are a fun giveaway. Unless you hold the copyright to all pieces included in the work, though, you may wish to check the copyright laws  before you sell those bookmarks in your etsy chop.


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