At The Witches’ Meetup

On Saturday, the witches’ meetup was — if I dare say it — out of this friggin’ world. We brought in our divination tools. One of the newly ordained ministers brought in her runes  (not as much stone as small clay-looking tablets with rune symbols carved in or painted on the clay’s surface), her medicine/messenger cards, and her tarot deck. The young reverend confessed she had to learn more about the runes and medicine cards,  but we were delighted to see her wares nonetheless.   Next I whipped out my tarot deck. I admitted that it had been a long time since I read the tarot, and I had never memorized the traditional meanings behind the minor arcana. I asked for a volunteer and told everyone I read from the gut, going by the vibes that I picked up from the person. After my gut reading, I read from the book — in this case,  Tarot 101.  A. was brave enough to allow me to do a reading for her. First I relied on instinct and gave my interpretation of the cards. If I understood her correctly, my reading was correct but not in the order in which I had placed the cards. In other words, what I read as her future and present were her past in reality. Her present in reality was what I read in the past position.  I received kudos anyway.  T. showed us what had to be the most beautiful pendulums I had ever seen —  spheres with pewter animals attached. One was a slate-colored sphere with pewter bat wings.  This pendulum struck me as the most attractive. Holding it, I immediately remembered a terrifying vision. It also scared the shit out of the boy who sat across from me.  Without my providing a description, he accurately drew a picture of the creature and said that it appeared over my head and disappeared before it could collide with the wall. For the longest time, I tried to distract myself from the image every time I recalled the thing that looked like a furball with leathery wings.  That pendulum reminded me of the creature, and for some reason I no longer feared the, well, whatever it was.

I said, “If ever you want to swap that pendulum for something else, you let me know.”

T. wasn’t parting with the pendulum. Given the amount of wares found on the Internet and in stores, witchcraft has entered the mainstream, but alas! I haven’t run across such a pendant for sale yet.

The group was open to the idea of arts and crafts activity group for adults. How fun would it be to swap diy pendulum boards. The boards could feature collage art or whatever medium the witch would prefer. With witches (yeah, I know I’m feeling a bit retro and even a bit Rolling Stones-ish), the horizon is just a broomstick away.


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