Crafting It

After watching Jenniebellie’s video in which she paints and binds a cereal box journal, I’ve learned one thing; watching is a helluva lot easier than doing.  I got no farther than twirling ink on the page and gluing the page to the box. I then gave up and punched holes in the cardboard where the rings should be placed.  I inserted a moon page (have you noticed some people lose their fuckin’ minds during the new moon?) and a “to do” page (which is helping me keep on track. For an Aries, staying on track long enough to finish something — excluding reading and/or writing filthy books — is no small feat). I expect to add a few vision pages — or collages that serve as vision boards.  Until I made a collage for a rather large bookmark, I didn’t grasp that a collage can affect your mood, and for me,  moods provide the trigger or fuel for kicking a spell into gear. Grimoire here we come.

The completion of my gratitude doll is almost at the halfway point. There is still a trip to the craft shop or fabric store for yarn (hair) and satin for a hand painted sarong — which has to be easier than making a witch’s gown with lace and high collar. I love painting and sewing dolls but detest following patterns. If I had to follow a pattern, I’d never make a doll. I haven’t decided on a headdress for the doll. I’m still at the beads and silk butterflies stage on this. Enter time to think harder. Maybe I’m a little farther from the midpoint than I initially thought.


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