Good Thing I’m Not A Cursing Woman

because if I were, I may say something like “May George Zimmerman never find any peace. May wherever he turn, his own actions imprison him in misery. May he run into a white cop who decides he looks too (fill in the blank), and  show him the same courtesy he gave Trayvon Martin. May George Zimmerman bankrupt his father who must constantly bail him out of shit. Wherever George Zimmerman goes, may someone recognize him and say, “You punk ass, you had to rely on a gun and kill an unarmed kid.  You were too cowardly to fight with your fists. You aren’t a man because a man wouldn’t need a gun against an unarmed kid. ”

And I’ve news for those women on the jury. When I was young, I suspected that I was being followed, and I turned to face the man. I stared at the man with a “If you think you’re going to take some free pussy here, you’re going to pay dearly for that pussy, you low-life motherfucker” look in  my eye.  I despise rapists and child molesters.  When he saw I was staring at him, and I wasn’t going to move until he moved, he reversed his tracks.  So if you think that a person is going to let someone follow him and not question why he is being followed, then something is wrong with you.


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