Go Figure

Maybe the moon waxes in the sign of Procrastination because rather than work on my novella or on one of the gazillion art projects stacked on my table or, Heaven Forbid, on skills related to my paying job, I decided to blog hop this afternoon. When landing on someone’s blog, I saw this fairy  name generator widget. I’m not into fairies, but I couldn’t resist putting this fairy name thingy on my blog.  Maybe because:

(a) I like the name Hazel for males. If I’m not mistaken, it was considered a masculine name once upon a time.

(b) I considered myself a matchmaker when I was a young busybody. Now that I’m an old buzzard, I think it’s best to mind your own business when it comes to affairs of the heart.

(c) I wouldn’t call it “hexed by black magic.” More accurately, I’ve seen some biracial males who were fuckin’ gorgeous.

(d) I like rose petal body powder  made with crushed organic petals and pure rose essential oil (pricey as Hell, but worth it if you can find an excellent brand)

(e) Shades of blues and greens among my favorite colors.


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