My Gratitude Doll

If she looks familiar, then that’s because I posted her under my “sign the contract” name rather than my blogger’s name on Facebook. C’mon. When was the last time you ran into anyone with the surname “Lilypads”?

Whimsy aside, I created her as a way of saying “Thank you, Universe, for showering me with blessings lately.”  As a nod to abundance, she’s wearing green, hand dyed silk and aventurine quartz head beads. I attempted to tea-dye her into a rich, dark color, but alas — for some reason, the tea didn’t stain the muslin as much as I would have liked. Oh well, if at first you don’t succeed, dye, dye again — only this time, use a stronger batch of tea before trying your hand at the coffee technique ( a tip from a doll maker in a Facebook doll club which I joined). I wanted to make her large because I’ll probably change her clothes (or wrap) in celebration of the seasons — and it’s easier for me to change a wrap or try my hand at sewing a simple dress than creating a new doll for  every season.  Of curse, after reading blogs by doll artists, I can see how crafting art dolls can become addictive.


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