One of These Days…

Here’s my latest art journal page. For this month’s swap, we were assigned to create a page with a vintage sewing theme. The hippies are pretty vintage to me, so here we are.

In July’s swap, I received a delightful steampunk romance page. I’m not into steampunk, but the page came with a recipe for a love potion and a message of “cast spells responsibly.” The knock-out is the person behind the collage had no way of knowing that I…ahem…stuck my toes in the water from time to time, so to speak. She surely had no idea that the page would inspire a lazy witch to get off her ass and start working on a grimoire worthy of a Hollywood prop (as far as eye appeal is concerned. You can not break the laws of physics, darlings. Even Hollywood has to rig the wires).  Of course I’m not going to test the “potion” for its toxicity. My rule of thumb is if gut instinct warns you that the beverage may be hazardous to your health, then it is in your best interest to flip to a page in which the beverage has “elixir” somewhere in its title. And, for Safety’s sake, do some research on any ingredient if said ingredient isn’t familiar to you.!!!

*Initially I was going to add a blurb about how some authors have penned that a potion is to be applied externally rather than consumed internally. During a brief research on the web, something grabbed my attention. An author responded to a question about potions. The author said that she was an ordained high priestess of Wicca and that a person can’t be Wiccan unless he or she has been initiated into Wicca-dom (I’m paraphrasing this, but I assume she meant that unless a high priest or priestess initiates you into Wicca, you aren’t a Wiccan.) I’m not a Wiccan (which translates as I’m not sure if Wiccans would agree or disagree with what makes a person a Wiccan), but if her words pissed off a Wiccan, I could understand why. It’s like a person saying “You aren’t this or that unless I say you are this or that.”


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