Spread That Witchin’ Love

Autumn is my favorite season ( yes, I know the calendar says it doesn’t start until next month, but I saw several leaves fall about three days ago). Leaves  morph from green to gold and crimson, and the temperatures cool, signaling that slightly bittersweet hot chocolate is a welcomed evening beverage.  Anticipation of Halloween builds, and some are laying down plans to decorate for the orange and black activities. Others ponder, “I don’t have a circle with which to celebrate September and October festivities.  Aside from freshening up the altar a bit, how can I share my enthusiasm for the festivities?”

It may be August, but it’s a good time to think about what kind of witchin’ love you’d like to send out.Think about decorating a postcard (one of the reasons why rubber stamps and paintbrushes were invented, probably) and sending a “nice job”  or “thank you for being you” card (surely, you can think of at least one person who deserves a show of appreciation. If you can’t think of anyone, then you aren’t thinking hard enough).  Not into cards but love dolls? During a blog surf, I saw an incredibly easy project for a fabric type of doll.  The face was made from creative paperclay or some other form of modeling material, and the body was created by rolling fabric around a skewer or chopstick. The fabric was then bound to the stick with wire, much as a smudgestick is wrapped with thread.    The doll reminded me of a wall doll I saw on YouTube. In the Youtube video, the flat, cardboard body was decorated mixed media style while the face was made with some type of modeling material. In both cases, the faces were glued to the fabric. Not only inexpensive but unique as well!

Of course, the recipient doesn’t have to be a witch to receive your thank you gift. The above pic is of one of the two pages I included in diptych made for a blogger. I created the diptych because I wished to say “thank you” for her generosity.


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