Halloween Hoot-ernanny

Yeah, I’m a Halloween hooter — not so much that I saturate the property with department store plastic and paper, but enough to find a way to celebrate Hallow’s Eve — and maybe Day of the Dead this year (actually, I don’t know why I would celebrate Day of the Dead. The Dead tend to get scarce around Samhain, and then visit when I’m not expecting them. So as it was in life, then it is in death. At the risk of sounding like a head case, I’ll leave the subject at this point).  Earlier this year, I had planned to work on a grimoire-type book filled with my art, moon lore, spell lore, etc. The intention had been to put up the artsy book as a prize in a  giveaway. Sometime around my third watercolor painting, I decided the book was becoming way too much work. Besides , can one witch really put together a book for another witch? One witch may pay homage to Yemaya while another honors Athena. One  may include moon phases and crystals in her work, and another stands by doll crafting.  Ya get the message.

Now the plan becomes think of a Halloween giveaway on a much smaller scale.  Hell, every witch out there probably has more tarot decks than she knows what to do with, and just because I like the jewelry I bought so long ago does not mean that someone may like a pendulum upcycled from my jewelry  (self-realization comes so late for some of us Pisces-Aries).  Er. Lately, I’ve been doing a bit of painting (at least that art doll is finished). Perchance moon magnets made from my watercolors and acrylics? Not the crow, though.  The crow is going out in a September art journal page swap.

If all else fails, I should be able to post a few pages made from my personal grimoire that I’m shaping. At least two pages will be made from art pages I received in a swap — with a note from me, of course. Ya gotta give credit where credit is due, especially when the do-er didn’t realize the art journal page would end up in a grimoire. This grimoire will be made from an altered book because painting, gluing, sticking, and writing is much easier than sewing and the aforementioned -ings.


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