Halloween Hey Ho!

I am wiped out (wiped out = thoroughly impressed) by those crafty bloggers who can’t resist putting together Halloween fun.  Due to my unshakable habit of surfing, I ran across blogs that are bringing such coolness to this season. This list isn’t near complete, but some blogs are such a joy to visit, so that you can spend hours, sponging up the creativity.

1) Artfully Musing — Why haven’t I run across this site earlier? I’m making plans to watch Laura Carson’s tutorial on hot air balloons. She’s generous enough to offer a download of her balloon patterns. At this writing there is a Halloween Art Collage Sheet giveaway.  Even if you aren’t the winner, you can still join in on September 5th’s Halloween Carnival Event. How does one make a ferris wheel, anyway? If your journal needs sprucing, you may wish to view her tissue paper texture technique tutorial.

2) On the aforementioned website, I noticed a button that said  “The Crafty Paper Halloween Blog Hop and Giveaway.”  I’ve no plans to participate in this Sept 15 hop, but this site strikes me as a swap ground for crafters. If you like to give and receive, you may wish to investigate what’s up with this. 

3) Boggy Bottom Bayou. I’m a huge fan of Carly Smith’s work. It doesn’t surprise me that her work has shown up in Art Doll Quarterly, a mag that is catnip to some of us art doll lovers.  Sept 13.

4) Incipient Wings. I’ve given up the idea that I’m going to post Halloween-related goodies on a weekly basis. Sheer laziness trumps creativity in this case — but then, that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy what you have to share if you decide to join in on the fun.


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