Halloween Humpday: The Giveaway Cometh

And ended on Moonday at 1159PM CST.

Here’s how it shook out:

2nd Prize:  We Moon 2014 date planner. Gorgeous art by any stretch of the imagination. Yes, I know I didn’t mention anything about 2nd prizes or We Moon planners, but truth to tell, until after the giveaway closes, I never know whether or not I will offer additional prizes. The 2nd prize goes to OmaLinda of Old Baggs and Stuffed Shirts.

1st prize: Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle cards plus moon and zodiac magnets handcrafted by ME goes to Marfi of Incipient Wings, one of the creative minds behind Halloween Humpday.

The winners were notified, and will hopefully get back to me before the next Halloween Humpday.  If not, the oracle cards plus the moon and zodiac magnets go back into the pot for another pull. And no, I didn’t mention anything about the date planner.


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