The Witch’s Boot by Joyce Tenay

Did you participate in this year’s Gigglewick’s blog hop?  In this event — and this was truly an event — you had a chance to win one of 13 prizes by dropping a comment into the box of each artist (13 artists in all). Seeing the remarkable talent of the artists was an experience — and, for the un-talented folks such as myself, seeing provided a chance to occasionally feel the green finger of envy. While viewing some of the prizes, I thought ‘This is exactly what I would expect to find in one of those high end boutiques owned by two old ladies rumored to be witches. Of course, you don’t believe in witches until you take the boot home, and wonderful things begin to happen.’

Er, did I say boot? I must have been thinking about the enchanting boot donated by the generous artist Joyce Tenay of Ragpatch Primitives in the Giggleswick cyber hop. The pic on my blog  doesn’t do the prize justice (unfortunately the shot missed the top of the boot). The boot measures roughly seven inches from heel to toe, and occasionally emits a hint of cinnamon.  Decorated with dried berries and a delightful witch tag, the boot serves as a pinkeep, and may be hung from a doorknob. I had no intention of risking damage to the prize by careless hands, however, and hung the boot in the doorway of my kitchen as a reminder of the imagination, creativity, and generosity of our fellow travelers in this world.

Psst…Joyce doesn’t know this, but for years I have wanted a kitchen witch. The prices of the kitchen witches had made me think thrice before forking over the money, though.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with kitchen witches, kitchen witches are doll-like objects placed in the kitchen for good luck. Whenever I pass Joyce’s boot hanging in the doorway, I am reminded of the blessings in Life. That boot works better than any kitchen witch I could have bought, for it was  given in the spirit of generosity, and it brings to mind that, with skill and creativity, good works are brought into the physical realm.


4 responses to “The Witch’s Boot by Joyce Tenay

  1. Love the witch boot, a lovely thing to own.
    J x

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